4 Moving Day Cleaning Tips

As moving day approaches, schedules become hectic with many competing activities and preparations. Some conscientious homeowners want to have their current home looking as nice as possible for the moving company professionals. However, the movers won’t be giving much thought to your home’s appearance. Here are 4 areas to exclusively focus on for the moving crew’s use.

1. Driveway / Walkway

The crew will need a clear path from their truck to your house. Park your car out of their way so they can get the truck situated in the driveway. Remove the kids’ toys and lawn or garden tools to ensure an obstacle-free walkway. In bad weather, put out a porch mat for wiping shoes or boots to prevent slipping or sliding. Offer an umbrella if needed.

2. Home Entrance

Indoors, move things like shoes, umbrellas, a coat stand, etc., away from the entrance so the crew can get in and out without difficulty. Keep pets locked up so they won’t get in the way. Children should also be kept away from each room as it is emptied for the move. Furniture near the entrance should be pushed aside to prevent stumbling or cluttering the way to and from the truck.

3. Bathroom

While the movers may not use the bathroom, it is a good idea to keep it tidy and neat, preferably odor-free. Put out a clean hand towel and a bottle of pump soap for possible use. The toilet should be cleaned ahead of time, and any throw rugs or other accessories could be packed and ready to go. Make sure there is adequate toilet paper and possibly tissue for someone with a cold or a runny nose. Visit Premiere Van Lines Winnipeg and learn more from their online resources.

4. Kitchen Counter or Table

Really, any elevated flat space will do. This provides an area for reviewing the moving company agreement and signing any forms that need a signature. Unless prepayment or billing arrangements have been made, an accessible area for writing a check or using a credit card may come in handy. The counter area or table is also useful for placing beverages or food, setting boxes to be taped, labeled, or sealed, and other tasks that might not do as well on the floor. Beverages, for example, could be accidentally knocked over if placed on the ground.

Unless other areas of your home will be used for other than moving purposes, you don’t need to worry about having every room shiny clean for the movers. They will be focusing on their work, giving careful attention to doing the job right, and will not have time to admire your clean home or silently criticize your failure to dust the piano. So relax and focus on your new home.

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