5 Tips to Cut out Clutter before Your Move

Executing a move can go either of two ways: stressful or stress-free. A stress-free move is possible if you are working with a professional mover with a credible reputation behind them. One of the hindrances of a successful move is clutter, and your ability to minimize it before calling in the movers is key. Below are a few tips you can use to reduce clutter before your move.

1. First Get Rid of Big Items such as Furniture

If you have furniture you no longer need, this is the ideal time to get rid of it. You can sell these items or give them away to your family or friends. If the furniture is too worn out to make a reasonable gift to anyone, arrange to have it disposed of at a landfill. If the furniture is in good shape, there are people and homes who would appreciate or buy it of you at a bargain.

2. Prepare Your Electronics for Appropriate Disposal

With time, electronics can really pile up. As people buy new gadgets, they store away the old. In a few years, you may accumulate numerous electronic appliances that you no longer need. Some of these may be broken, or are no longer working. Most people tend to store such items in an obscure corner in a garage or basement. Before the movers come in, get rid of the electronic clutter. If the electronics are no longer functioning, take them to a recycling facility for disposal. If they are in usable shape, consider donating or selling them.

3. Get Rid of Corrosive and Other Specialized Materials

If you have corrosive materials such as chemicals stored away in cupboards, this is the time to get rid of them. However, getting rid of specialized and corrosive clutter requires extra precaution since some of them can be hazardous. Among specialized clutter include batteries, paint, oil, harsh chemicals, fluorescent light bulbs, aerosol spray cans, and anything else marked as poisonous, corrosive, flammable, etc. All these should go before your movers arrive.

4. Weed Your Closet of Clothes You No Longer Wear

Most people buy clothes only to wear them once and then retire them in their closets. You may find getting rid of such clothes a challenging task. However, as you buy more clothes, you soon realize your closet is too cluttered. One of the best time to weed out clothes you no longer need is before a move. Anything you have not worn for the last six months should go. If you have clothes so worn out no one would wear them, trash them. For clothes in good condition, donating them is a good option.

5. Sweat the Small Stuff

After taking care of the big clutter, it’s time to focus on your knick-knacks. These include books, movies and CDs, kitchen supplies, etc. If in working condition, such items are excellent donations to organizations such as the Salvation Army and others.

That’s it! You have successfully got rid of clutter, both large and small. Your next step is to let the movers in before you start accumulating fresh clutter! For additional insights, you may want to visit https://www.hudsonmovers.com/ to learn more information.

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