6 Tools Your Movers Use to Ensure Safety and Quality

When moving to a new home, it’s important that you have all of the tools you need to be safe and successful, and one of the easiest ways to access these tools is through a professional moving company. Movers handle all of the hard work associated with moving, and they not only do so with skill but with a variety of tools that keep your belongings safe and secure during the transition.

1. Spacious Moving Trucks

Your mover’s trucks provide enough space that many things can be moved in a single trip, but the space also means that your belongings aren’t being crowded, crammed, or crushed inside of the truck. Your movers Toronto are experts at what they do, which means they have mastered how to properly load a moving truck so that everything is protected, held down, and ready for travel. Movers typically have a fleet of vehicles, so you can be confident that you will get the right size truck for all of your belongings.

2. Tail Lifts

Moving trucks are particularly high up off of the ground, and, without a tail lift, your movers would be forced to lift heavy objects and appliances from the ground to the truck. This puts both the movers and your belongings at risk. Moving trucks should have hydraulic tail lifts that safely lift heavy and valuable appliances from ground level to truck level.

3. Ramps and Hand Trucks

If your mover’s trucks aren’t equipped with tail lifts, they will likely be using a ramp and a hand truck. Ramps pull out from the underside of the truck and extend to form a gradual incline that movers can easily walk up. They will use hand trucks with straps to tightly secure your belongings as they are wheeled up the ramp and into the truck.

4. Packing Materials

You can also acquire your packing materials through your movers, who will have everything from boxes and tape to safety wraps to cover delicate items. As expert packers, they can make sure that all of your smaller items are secured and protected in boxes, while your larger items may be wrapped to prevent scratches and scuffs during travel.

5. Straps and Tie Downs

Your movers should utilize strapping and tie down equipment to make sure that your belongings aren’t sliding around and shifting during travel. Moving trucks don’t exactly offer a smooth ride, so it’s important that your belongings are prepared for any rough spots.

6. Manpower

Prior to actually moving, your movers will discuss all of the details with you so that they get a solid understanding of the size of the job. Once they know what it’s going to take to move your belongings efficiently, they can supply the necessary manpower to get the job done. Most moving jobs take two people, but more sizeable jobs may require an additional person or two, especially when they involve large offices or even warehouses.

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