6 Ways to Make Your Medical Stay More Comfortable

Having to travel away from home for medical treatments can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. If you’re looking to make your medical stay more comfortable, you should consider renting one of the many furnished apartments available near the hospital. Here are great ways to ensure a successful medical stay.

1. Bring a Few Items from Home

Your medical stay can be more comfortable if you surround yourself with familiar items from home. When packing to stay at a hospital or a furnished apartment after your medical stay, remember to bring items such as books, magazines, your laptop computer, your favourite throw blanket, your sleep mask, and other items that make you feel at home. These items will make your stay more comfortable.

2. Reduce the Number of Visitors

You may think that accommodating a large number of visitors to check up on you is a good idea. It can make you feel less lonely and isolated. What you probably don’t know is that you will feel fatigued after surgery. There is no harm in limiting visitors to just a couple people a day for 10-minute timeframes. Depending on your condition, you can decline visitors until you’re fully recovered back at home or at least staying at a furnished apartment near the hospital. You’re not being rude to your guest. Your main priority is a speedy recovery; let them know your health comes first. If your guests care enough about you, then they should give you that space.

3. Book a Furnished Apartment

No one truly wants to stay at a hospital if they don’t have to, and staying at hotels can be uncomfortable. If you’re not required to stay overnight, book a stay at one of the many furnished apartments Vancouver closely located to the hospital. Renting a furnished apartment for an extended medical stay will help you feel at home and improve your recovery rate. Furnished apartments are fully equipped with a wide range of modern amenities including furniture and a fully fitted kitchen where you can prepare your meals of choice. Enjoy peace of mind and make your medical stay more comfortable. The cleanliness and ambiance of fully furnished apartments help you focus on your recovery during your medical stay.

4. Bring a Friend

Having a loved one with you can help make your medical stay less stressful. Having a loved one who can help lay out your concerns and worries helps you and the medical staff. You will appreciate the fact that there’s somebody who can help take you to your appointments and speak to the medical staff for you.

5. Know Your Health History

It is advisable to bring along a summary of your health history that you can share with the doctors and nurses. List out your current medications, allergies, tests, past ailments, treatments and any other pertinent information. Do not forget to include your reactions to certain food.

6. Voice Your Concerns

If you have any issue regarding your care, don’t hold back. Instead, voice your concerns. Remember to be as polite and respectful as possible. Don’t speak to a third party, rather talk to the healthcare team member directly involved in your care.

Following these tips will make your medical stay more comfortable and successful.

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