6 Ways to Prepare for Rain on Moving Day

Moving day is approaching quickly and the local weather forecast is calling for rain all day. Moving is difficult on any day, but it’s made worse by rain and stormy weather. What can you do to ensure your possessions don’t get ruined in bad weather during your move? Professional movers can help you protect your boxes and furniture, and these tips can also help.

1. Reinforce Your Packing Boxes

Packing boxes are typically made of cardboard, which can get soggy when wet. If this happens, you risk having your possessions drop out through the bottom of the box. This can lead to broken and damaged valuables. To avoid this problem, reinforce your packing boxes by using extra tape, especially on the bottom of the boxes. This will make them more durable and less likely to tear on moving day.

2. Pack Items in Garbage Bags

All of your possessions don’t need to be in boxes. In fact, it’s a good idea to pack up clothes, pillows, blankets, and similar items in garbage bags instead of cardboard boxes, especially if it’s going to rain, so your clothes and possessions can remain dry. You can also use garbage bags as makeshift tarps for furniture and other bulky items that aren’t going to be in boxes. You may find more information at http://www.hudsonmovers.com/ if you need additional resources.

3. Mark Items That Are Susceptible to Water Damage

While your clothes and blanket will dry up if they get wet during the move, the same isn’t true of all your possessions. Artwork, electronics, and other valuables can be irreparably damaged if they get wet. Take stock of your possessions and determine which items absolutely can’t get wet. Then, mark them with a bright sticky note and let your movers know. They’ll take special care to wrap up these items in padded blankets or hold off until the rain stops before moving these items to and from the truck.

4. Cover Your Floors

When you and your movers are coming in and out of your home throughout the day, rainy, muddy shoes that wreak havoc with your floors. The last thing you want is to have to mop and vacuum while trying to move, so it’s a good idea to lay down runners or blankets on the floors to protect them from getting wet. Most movers will use floor runners whether it’s raining or not, but it’s important to make sure this step is taken.

5. Use Plastic Covers for Furniture

Typically, thick plastic covers will be used to cover your mattresses during a move, whether it’s sunny or stormy out. If it’s raining on moving day, you might want to request having these covers on your couches and other furniture as well to protect them from the rain.

6. Park Close to Your Door

To ensure your possessions aren’t exposed to rain water for too long, get the movers to park as close to the door as possible. This will minimize contact with the rain to just a few seconds per box.

These tips, along with your movers’ help, will enable you to protect your possessions if it ends up raining on moving day.

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