Five Things to Look For In a Motorcycle Jacket

Riding around on a motorcycle is one of the most liberating feelings in the world. A bike ride on an open road is going to be an amazing experience, and if you already like to ride, it is very important that you buy the right gear. The risk of accidents and injuries on motorcycles are incredibly high, so you have to wear proper safety gear before you go riding. This is a vehicle balanced on two wheels, so the risk is always a bit higher. Wearing a jacket is a very important parts of your motorcycle riding outfit, so you have to buy one carefully. With so many different kinds of motorcycle jackets available nowadays, how do you select the right one? Here are 5 important things to look for in a motorcycle jacket.

1. Rugged Material

The outer material of the motorcycle jacket should be rugged and thick enough to prevent injuries or scratches in case you fall off the bike at high speeds. The outer shell of the jacket should be made from a thick material that provides significant abrasion resistance against the wind and other surfaces. Leather is obviously the most popular choice for people when it comes to buying a motorcycle jacket, but it’s also quite expensive. If you want something less expensive, there are other synthetic options available for you to choose from, as well. Make sure that the jacket is water resistant, or at least it should have a breathable upper membrane that allows moisture wicking.

2. Ventilation

If the motorcycle jacket doesn’t allow air to pass through, it won’t take long before you start feeling stuffy and start sweating from the inside. The same jacket that offers warmth and comfort during the night can become incredibly difficult to wear as the afternoon comes around. You need to look for motorcycle jackets that are made from a breathable material and provide adequate ventilation options. Perforated mesh or a textile mesh are both suitable options.

3. Rugged Closures

You are going to be fastening and removing the jacket several times in one go, so it’s important that you buy one that has rugged fasteners and closures. You have to inspect the build quality of the jacket carefully before making your decision so that you buy something that will last you a long while.

4. Impact Protection

The motorcycle jacket should have adequate impact protectors built in, especially around the elbows, the shoulders, and the back. It’s important that you buy a jacket with proper impact protection in order to keep yourself safe during the journey. In case there’s an accident, these impact protectors will keep you safe.

5. Pockets

You are going to need a lot of pockets in your jacket. The pockets can be used for storing essential items like your mobile phone, your wallet, or a set of keys. It’s important that you check the number of pockets and whether they are comfortable before you buy a new jacket.

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