Three Reasons That Riding a Bike Is Awesome

You are probably frustrated if you are someone who enjoys riding a bike but doesn’t enjoy ridicule from your friends. You may receive snickers and stares every time you get on your city bikes and head out on your journey. You’ve done nothing wrong. The problem is that your friends simply don’t understand all the reasons that riding a bike is awesome. The next time one of your friends says something negative about the art of bike riding, tell him or her that:

Bike Riding Saves Lots of Money on Fuel

You’re not the only Canadian citizen who has decided that city bikes have cheaper “overhead” than autos have. Short trips are hard on cars and they eat up gas quickly. You can save a lot of money by riding a bike into your job every day.

Bike Riding Keep You in Shape

The activity of riding a bike can roll your body into shape in more ways than one. Firstly, it provides you with some solid cardiovascular exercise. Just one hour of riding a bike can help you to burn more than 200 calories. Aside from that, bike riding works the thighs, calf muscles, buttocks and so much more. People who ride bikes generally have attractive muscular legs because the activity tones them.

Bike riding feels great, too. Once you exercise for 10-20 minutes, you will start enjoying the chemical changes that go on in the brain. A surge of serotonin and endorphins will release, and then you will be happy and smiling all the way to your destination.

Bike Riding Makes Exploring Fun

Bike riding can totally jazz up your exploring adventures. You can take the time to stop and visit places that you would never visit in a car. Bikes can get into tight spots that car can’t get into, as well. You may find a nice dirt road or alley that seems interesting to you.

Ride a Bike ASAP

Now that you’ve heard enough reasons to get on a bike and ride, nothing should keep you from doing that. You should conduct activities that are good for you mentally, physically and spiritually.

If you don’t yet have a bike, you will need to decide which type of bike is best for you. You could choose a BMX bike if you are into racing. A 10-speed is great for the type of bicycling you will do to get exercise that you need for your body.

Take your time calculating your budget to see how much you can spend on a bike, and then contact stores and ask if you can test ride some city bicycles a little. A salesperson can take you through the process of choosing a good bike for your journey. For more information, Regal Bicycles can provide you with further insights.

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