Two Wheels and Nothing But Pavement

Riding a motorcycle is the most unique feeling of freedom that a human can experience with relative ease. Owning a motorcycle isn’t hard to do and getting licensed to ride isn’t overly difficult either. So many people enjoy riding because of the sense of freedom. When you are on a motorcycle, you’ll feel a connection to the road that you are on. The sunshine warms your back, and the rain can sting your skin.

Having the right equipment is essential for your riding. Motorcycle helmets are the law in most states. While many die-hard motorcycle enthusiasts dislike wearing a helmet, head injuries are the number one reason for death when involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle. Additionally, most bikers refer to their ‘leathers’ which include leather chaps that are designed for riding and jackets. Motorcycle jackets and pants are the only thing to help protect your during an accident.

If you ever need to lay your bike down on the pavement to avoid slamming into a vehicle that suddenly turns in front of you, you will be thankful that you have a good jacket. Motorcycle jackets are often designed to incorporate pads that protect elbows, chest, shoulders and back from sliding on pavement. Road rash injuries can scrape skin off your body like a cheese grater. These injuries cause victims to go into shock and die, the blood loss can be severe, and if you survive you will have scar tissue that may require extensive surgeries to repair.

No matter what type of riding you do, you want to have the best gear. Most bikers have rain gear that goes with them everywhere. Pulling over and putting on rain slicks is a way of life if you ride a motorcycle very much at all. In fact, if you ride in Florida, you’ll wear those rain slicks frequently during certain times of the year.

Boots should be worn when you are riding, to protect your feet from the elements, from objects that could bounce up off the road, and for protection from the pavement if you ever are in an accident. Tennis shoes are too soft and will quite literally melt away if sliding on pavement. A good pair of leather boots will protect your skin and be far more substantial support for your foot and ankle if something ever hits you while riding.

Motorcyclists encounter everything imaginable because people don’t see them and sometimes wildlife also is caught in their path. There’s nothing between the rider and whatever wanders in front of them. If your motorcycle strikes something, there is nothing to prevent a rider from becoming airborne and they could land anywhere, or slide hundreds of feet across pavement. Having protective gear, from boots, to pants, rain gear, and quality motorcycle jackets is imperative.

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